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VBS Week 2: Weather!

Last week we listened to the story of Noah and talked about kindness in our relationship with God. At our meet-up we sang "Rise and Shine," read "Night Night Prayer" with added movements, and had a scavenger hunt for all the colors of the rainbow! Here's what else we're up to this week:

In addition to what's in your kit, you'll need scissors, glue, round things to trace and something to trace with. Don't lose the string from the construction paper! We'll use it to hang up the rainbow sphere.

Rainbow Bookmarks

Supplies: the colorful dot stickers, the 2 pieces of rectangular paper and the contact paper.

Put the rainbow stickers on both sides of the paper. You can do it randomly, or in the order of the colors of the rainbow.

Next, take out your contact paper, if yours isn't premeasured, use the grid on the back of the contact paper to measure the width of the bookmark, double that number and add one more grid line to know where to cut.

Then peel away half of the contact paper backing, carefully line up the bookmark and place on the contact paper.

Remove the rest of the contact paper backing. Fold the bookmark over onto the contact paper.

Smooth out any bubble, trim away excess or fold over the edge to seal.

Keep one of the bookmarks you made and put the other bookmark in your Week 3 bag.

Rainbow Spheres!

Supplies: Construction paper, string, round things to trace around, something to trace with, glue, scissors

Trace around your round object to create circles. Repeat with all the colors.

Cut out the circles.

Fold the circles in half.

Take a circle, and spread glue on the top of folded circle.

Line up another folded circle and put it on top. Keep doing that with all the colors. When you run out of folded halves, spread glue on the top of the folded circle and glue to other side of your first folded circle.

It should look like a sphere now!

Now wrap the string around the sphere and tie a knot at the top, then make a loop at one to hang it somewhere in your house to remind you of God's promise!

Activity: Blowing Bubbles! Go outside. Can you feel the wind? Which way is it blowing? Is it blowing a lot or a little? Can you see the wind? Let's trying blowing bubbles. Which way do you think the bubbles will move? Will they move fast or slow? Will they just fall to the ground? God's love is like the wind, we can't see it but we can feel it all around us.

Age-up Activity: Make a waterway with Lego or marble run pieces! How creative can you be?

Bonus Activity: Bubble Painting! Divide the bubble solution in as many containers as the colors you will use. Then dip the wand in the solution and blow bubbles at a piece of paper. It did take a bit of dye to get the colors to show up, though our cheaper dye worked better. It was easier to get bubble splatters by taping the paper to the ground and blowing bubbles at a close range. This one could get messy - so dress appropriately!

Snack: Rainbow Goldfish! Are there any other snacks you could have that would remind of a rainbow?

Have a fun week and we'll see you next Monday!

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