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VBS Week 1: Nature!

Today we read the story of creation and this week we invite you to think about being kind to God's Creation!

During VBS, we are going to encourage you to go outside and explore. These Go Cards from the Jeffers Foundation are great for families with young children to encourage getting out and exploring nature and have inspired a lot of our weekly activities. Download the cards here for a bonus resource.

Activity: Go on a Color Hike - explore your neighborhood, a park or nature area and look for all different colors! Instead of collecting the items you find, you (or your grown-up) can take pictures of all the different colors you find! (Go Card #17)

Age-up activity: (Elementary and up age) This week the Perseid Meteor Shower is peaking August 11-13! You have to be an early bird for this because the meteor shower starts after midnight and lasts until just before dawn. So set an alarm if you want to get up and see the meteors. The meteors will come from the direction of the Perseus constellation, use Skyview or another constellation app to help you. (Go Card #29)

Craft: Seed Paper!

Longer instructions here

Needed: Adult supervision! Kit Supplies: seeds, newspaper

Additional Supplies: water, blender, towels or cloths, plastic wrap or parchment paper

Tear up newspaper into bits and put in blender. Add twice as much water as there is paper (for example, if paper reaches 1 cup mark, add 2 cups water). Blend paper into a pulp then transfer to mixing bowl. Squeeze water from the pulp. Add seeds to the pulp and mix with hands or spoon. Press out the paper onto the plastic wrap or parchment paper. Don’t make it too thick or it will take too long to dry! Use a towel to press as much water as possible from pulp.

Place seed paper in a warm (not hot!) place with good air circulation. You can also use a hairdryer on the cool setting. Once dry, cut out heart or cross shapes and mail it to someone you’ve been missing. Make sure to give them planting instructions: Place paper on ground and cover with ¼” soil, water. New seeds should sprout in 2 weeks.

Snack: Caterpillar Snack – we’re going to encourage playing with our food this week! Here are ideas to use for your caterpillar snacks:

Sun: orange slice, carrot sticks or round, mango, peach Caterpillar Body: cucumber slices, grapes Head: cherry or grape tomato, radish, red pepper Eyes: raisins, chocolate chips, nuts Antenna: sesame seed, black olives, almond slivers; Feet: kiwi, green pepper, pretzel stick pieces – create your own snack bug! :)

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